When children move out, parents can start a new life – 5 tips for home renovation

When children move out, parents can start a new life – 5 tips for home renovation

That long-awaited and dreaded day is inevitable, and it changes everyday life forever. A child moving out the home is an emotional upheaval for the parents, who are left to wistfully remember the child’s first steps, the first tooth falling out, and the first day of school. On the other hand, a young person spreading their wings is also a source of immense pride and joy for the parents.

This new stage in a youngster’s life also offers some freedom for parents, who get a unique opportunity to renovate the home!
We have put together a few renovation tips to help you easily convert your child’s room for a new purpose.

When the last moving box is carried into the child’s new home, a chapter in life comes to an end. This is often tougher for the parents than for the child.
Faced with a major and profound change, one is gripped by all kinds of emotions and thoughts, and they are all perfectly normal. The most important thing is to allow oneself to mourn the end of a meaningful time. At the same time, you can also encourage your child to live an independent life but you can lend support along the way when needed. Because the need will arise – guaranteed.

When a child moves out it also means freedom for parents. It raises the question of what to do with the child’s bedroom. When a child moves out, it can be a good idea to make changes around the home. It makes sense to eventually use the vacant room for something else. You could turn the room in to a guestroom or home office, a home library, hobby room or whatever else you have dreamt of over the years. It’s not hard to convert the room!

5 tips for renovating an empty room

1. With proper tools, renovating is so much easier

Make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials before starting the work. At Biltema you will find the right tools for both large and small renovation projects.

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2. Give the room a new look with paint or wallpaper

You can easily give the empty room a new look by painting or wallpapering the walls. What colour are the walls of the room you’ve always dreamt of? Now is the time to make your wildest dreams come true with a paintbrush. Would you like to create a sense of calm with a discreet colour scheme? Whatever you want to accomplish, you can head to Biltema and buy painting accessories and painting tools as well as high-quality wallpapering tools.

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3. A practical storage solution keeps the home in order

An empty room also means storage space – and that’s something you can never have too much of. Shelving systems and storage shelves will keep order in your new guestroom, home office or hobby room. Since everything has its own place, it’s easy to keep the room neat and tidy. Your hobby items or office supplies will be easy to find if you organise them in storage boxes with lids. A footstool with storage is both homely and practical. A wicker basket is a trendy furnishing, which can also be used as storage.

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4. Create a warm atmosphere

It’s easy to create atmosphere in a renovated room. With various plaids, sheepskin, scented candles and lamps, you can create a sense of comfort in both guestrooms and home libraries. A patterned cotton mat will provide a subdued atmosphere, and vases made of recycled glass can serve as beautiful details on a bookshelf, for example.

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5. Framed photographs bring back memories

When a child leaves home, the wonderful memories don’t just disappear. Many of the memories have also been immortalised in photographs. The empty room can be decorated with family photographs from different periods of life. At Biltema you will find photo frames of different sizes in black or white, which will perfectly accentuate the beautiful photos. Give important photos and memories centre stage on a photo ledge.

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Workout at home

Your child’s old room can have plenty of new uses, where you are only limited by your imagination. Maybe you can convert it into a gym, so that you can exercise at home?
We have a variety of exercise equipment and practical workout clothes in our Yosemite series, which was created with the Nordic climate in mind. 


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As mentioned, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to renovating the room, so go for it! Make your renovation dreams come true!

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