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Car maintenance buying guide – maintain your car

Owning a car is not all milk and honey. Sometimes problems can arise both with the engine and with the bodywork. If you want to avoid unnecessary and costly repairs, it is important that you regularly maintain your car from day one. Not sure what products you need to maintain your car? Let us help you

Prevent and treat rust and corrosion

During the winter, the risk of rust and corrosion increases. With Biltema's anti-rust agents, you protect the car from rust and corrosion both externally and internally. If you are going to repaint the car or repair a larger scratch, you can advantageously use a rust protection primer that both primes and protects against rust. If you already have rust on your car, we recommend one of our rust-eating agents that effectively remove rust.

Repair dents, damage and holes

Sometimes things do not go as planned and you get a dent or a deep tear in the paintwork. Damage like this can be easily fixed yourself with the help of, among other things, car putty. In our range you will find everything from coarser fibreglass putty to fine putty that provides a dense and pore-free surface with a high quality finish.

Prepare for touch up paint

Sometimes even the car's paintwork needs to be maintained and touched up. Do you want the best possible results from your touch up painting? If so, then we recommend priming the surface with a primer suited to the material. Our primers have good adhesion and reduce the risk of the paint flaking.
It is not just the bodywork that may be in need of a touch of paint. Even the car's interior, rims and calipers can use a little extra love. With us you will find affordable products for painting various car parts and materials.

Protect and seal

The car comprises many different parts in different materials that all need occasional maintenance. Some components need extra sealing, while others need to be lubricated so as not to seize up. In our range, you will find everything from mounting paste and belt spray to windshield sealing and gasket repair.

Clean the gearbox, engine and brakes

It is not only the car's bodywork that should be cleaned, also the gearbox, engine and brakes may be in need of a thorough cleaning. With us you will find effective cleaning products specially designed for the car's drivetrain and braking system. There are therefore no excuses for not maintaining your car both externally and internally.

Frequently asked questions about car maintenance

Can you maintain and repair the car yourself?

Absolutely! With the right knowledge, products and accessories, you can both maintain and repair your car yourself.

What products do you need to maintain the car?

Of course, it depends on which part of the car you want to maintain or repair, but adequate cleaning and lubricants are a must. Rust protection is also recommended.

How much do car maintenance products cost?

At Biltema you will find products for car maintenance from about DKR 70.