How to be a good garden waterer – Get 6 great tips for watering your garden

The best garden waterer is undoubtedly rain from the heavens – and it sometimes feels like it rains a lot in Denmark. In the summer, however, it is often bone dry and hot. And, of course, it is during these periods that the plants in your garden need your help to get the amount of water they require. 
However, how to water most effectively is not always straightforward. Depending on what you grow and what plants you have in your garden, they require different means of care and amounts of water. We will not go into depth on specific plants in this article, but we will give you advice on different ways to water your garden. This will allow you to save money and eventually harvest the vegetables you grow, enjoy the flowers on your terrace or have a greenhouse full of tomatoes. 
First of all, it is important to remember that you shouldn’t just water for the sake of watering. Make sure that you do not waste water and do some research to find out how much water you need to give your plants and vegetables.

#1 Recycle rainwater and precipitation with a rainwater tank

It has been said before, but we’ll say it again: it’s a good idea to recycle all the lovely rain we get in Denmark by placing a rainwater tank in your garden. and setting up a collector so that you can make use of all the free water that falls from the sky most of the year. This will help lower your water bill. 

#2 Remember that you should only water when necessary

Make sure to only water the plants that need watering. It is very important that you know which plants need lots of water and which don’t. So have a plan for which plants you will be watering and which you won’t. This will help you avoid using water needlessly. Also, use your finger to feel whether the soil is damp. If the soil seems dry, your garden needs water.

#3 Water thoroughly while you’re at it

While you are watering, you may as well water thoroughly. Although certain areas of the garden may get a lot of water, you should still water abundantly. In other words, it’s better to water a lot on fewer occasions than only water a little but more often.

#4 Choose the right time to water

In the summer, you should think carefully about when to water your garden, since the summer sun causes water to evaporate from the ground. Therefore, the smart and effective thing to do is water in the morning or evening when the sun does not warm the ground as much.
As mentioned earlier, you need to have a plan for which plants to water. Some areas of the garden don’t need to be watered as often as others. In other places, like your greenhouse, it is naturally important to water so that your plants survive – so be ready with your plan!

#5 Plan your watering methods properly

At Biltema you will find a wide range of watering equipment. We have equipment for every possible way to water a garden. You may need a watering can, a sprinkler with an automatic timer, or a soaker hose if you only need to water a little and conserve water along the way.
You will also find everything from nozzles and spray guns to numerous garden hoses and hose reels for organising your hoses.
No matter your watering needs, we have the solution for you. Watering cans for those with smaller areas to water and a short distance to a tap. A garden hose works well for vegetable gardens and greenhouses and for carrying water a long distance. If you don’t have a 2-metre hose, you must of course have a spare watering can – most of us have been there, right?

Again, you should have a plan for the equipment you need in your garden, how you want to water and what plants you have.

If you want a watering system that takes care of itself, then you should consider a drip irrigation system, which allows you to adjust how much water each potted plant should receive.

#6 Consider which plants and areas need water

It gets pretty hot inside a greenhouse, so everything you grow in there needs water – otherwise the plants won’t last very long. A greenhouse is perfect for growing vegetables that you can enjoy on the dinner table – but it also requires a little extra attention.

If you have a vegetable garden, this is another area that requires a lot of focus. Everything you grow there also needs water.
Trees and shrubs can easily get through the summer without having to be watered. And the lawn that turns yellow and dull is hardier than you think. Grass can go without water for an extended period of time, so consider whether you want to use water on a yellow lawn. It will most likely turn green again when the rain comes.

Of course, you can opt for plants that do not need much water and you can decorate the garden in a way that requires very little watering. However, you will probably not have any homegrown vegetables on your table.

When it comes to watering, there’s a lot to consider. Enjoy the summer and your time in the garden!

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