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Caravans and mobile homes

Guide - caravan and motorhome accessories for your camping holiday

Is your camping furniture broken? Or are you tired of the wind blowing away the serviettes on the camping table? Then it may be time to look at new caravan and RV accessories. In this guide, we go through some of our most popular accessories for caravans and motorhomes. No matter if you’re a van life nomad or a holiday camper, you can find suitable accessories in our range of over 120 items!

Windbreak – protects against wind and creates a cosy feeling

Not only does a windbreak protect against the sun and give you privacy, it also creates corners that give a cosier feeling when you enjoy the evening in the summer sun. At Biltema you will find affordable windbreaks in different sizes. But for the windbreak to withstand strong winds from all directions, you need to secure it properly. At Biltema you will therefore find ground pegs, tent pegs, and storm screws to secure your windbreak, awning or tent.

Caravan lighting – for the countertop or dinner table

Good caravan lighting enhances both the caravan’s functionality and cosiness. For kitchenettes/countertops, we recommend interior lighting (LED) that produces a bright light. We also have self-adhesive LED strips for creating a more festive dinner atmosphere under the awning, for example.

Caravan furniture – practical to sit down and eat on and easy to pack up

With a camping table and chair set, you can enjoy the fresh air and nature at every meal – or whenever you want. The clever thing about camping furniture is that it’s easy to fold up and weighs relatively little. Biltema has several camping chairs, some of which are equipped with headrests, others with luxurious cooler bags. We also have picnic tables in different sizes and materials so you can find one that suits your preferences and taste.

Camping kitchen – nothing beats a cooked meal!

A packed lunch is fine, but nothing beats a meal cooked at the campsite! Biltema has equipment for both your camping kitchen and camping household. For example, a double hotplate with adjustable temperature and overheating indicator light. Or foldable cutting boards that make it easy to pour freshly chopped raw ingredients into the frying pan.

Security – protect your caravan and belongings against theft

Caravan theft is not very common but it does occur, and who wants to worry about theft during the holidays? If you want to protect your caravan against theft, we recommend one of our two lock models for the tow ball coupling. The “trailer lock with padlock” model can lock your caravan even when uncoupled. Do you also want to protect yourself from theft of smaller valuables? A portable lockbox can be the solution. Securing it in your vehicle with steel wire, it will be a safe place for storing e.g. cash, passports and telephones.

Cleaning – different products for different surfaces and materials

A shiny clean motorhome or caravan will probably put you in a good mood, and if you make keeping your vehicle clean a habit, it can increase the service life. As with boat care, cleaning motorhomes and caravans is about using the right product for the right surface or material. At Biltema you will find, among other things, wax to wash away dirt from the body, streak remover to remove marks, and polish for the bodywork after washing.

Frequently asked questions about caravans and mobile homes

How much does it cost to camp with a caravan?

Prices vary between different campsites in Denmark. A campsite for a caravan/motorhome including access to a shower usually costs between DKR 150-300 per night. 

What do I need to have in a caravan?

The equipment needed varies from person to person. Many people think that spare tyres, a toolbox and electric cables are necessary basic products. 

Who buys a caravan?

There are many different buyers. A buyer can be someone who wants to experience Sweden’s camping life over summer and bring their home on holiday.